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Deliver, the online order solution that brings you closer to your clients

Make your products available online! Optimize your sales and boost your business at the local level.

Restaurant Order

How your business benefits...

  • Boost sales! You’ll be able to reach new customers remotely.
  • Maintain direct and ongoing contact with your customers. No intermediaries. Just you and your customers.
  • Build customer loyalty with an innovative service that promotes your latest deals.
  • Track your activity with detailed statistics that outline your average purchase, most lucrative day, sales turnover and more...
  • Build a customer file by creating an order history.

How your customers benefit...

  • Easy access to their favourite business from the comfort of their own home.
  • Excellent payment flexibility (online, or at delivery or pick-up).
  • Email or text confirmation once the order is confirmed. 

Are you a restaurant owner? Take advantage of our free reservation add-on as part of Deliver. 
The add-on that lets restaurant owners fill their tables with easy online reservations!

Soon to become your everyday ally and lifesaver!

Restaurant Booking

How your restaurant benefits...

  • Unlimited client contact! In just a few clicks, clients can make a reservation 24h 24/7, even outside of business hours.
  • Build client loyalty on this modern and engaging reservation platform.
  • Save time... A single platform to manage all reservations from online bookings to telephone requests processed by your staff or manager.
  • Make life easy... Process your bookings at any time, from anywhere. Bookings appear directly on the add-on interface, accessible on your computer, phone or tablet, or via email or text, so you don’t miss any business opportunities.

How your customers benefit...

  • They’ll have the freedom to book a table at any time without having to wait for business hours or worry about rush times.
  • Accessible via their computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Convenient email reminders confirm your reservation once it has been processed.
  • You’ll be in control each step of the way, with the opportunity to validate reservations, search for remaining free tables, and reach your optimal seating capacity.
Linkeo Restaurant

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