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Digital Loyalty Card

Boost customer loyalty by giving your clients the chance to earn rewards with a next generation digital loyalty card.

Dematerialized loyalty card

How your company benefits...

  • Build customer loyalty by rewarding faithful clients with special gifts. They’ll come back to you in a heartbeat.
  • Sales Tracking: made possible by scanning your customer’s loyalty cards at every purchase. You can use this valuable data to determine your best customers, as well as the frequency and size of the average purchase.  
  • User-Friendly: say goodbye to printing shops and bar codes. Welcome to the digital age!
  • A Modern Look: keep up with the times with a slick, modern image for your company.  Our mobile apps and the Card add-on are also equipped with the latest graphic design trends.
  • Simple and accessible on the same admin dashboard as your mobile app.

How your customers benefit...

  • It’s always in your pocket... Ever noticed that you’re always carrying around stacks of loyalty cards, but can never find the right one at the right time? Is your wallet about to overflow? With our digital loyalty card, the problem’s solved!
  • Free for both iPhones and Android.
  • Safe and non-transferable system that lets clients switch phones without losing their points.

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